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Storytelling: Inculcation Character Value with Using Sasak Folkflore

Ramdhani, Sandy, Yuliastri, Nur Adiyah, Sari, Siti Diana, Hasriah, Siti

Publisher : LPPM Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai

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This study aims to analyze the application of Sasak folklore based storytelling methods to be able to instill character values in kindergarten children in Ummi Adniyah NW Sekarteja Kindergarten. The research used is qualitative research. Type of approach from qualitative research used is descriptive approach. Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, and documentation. Data collection instruments used are the researchers themselves, Observation Sheets, and interviews. . Test the validity of trust data credibility test, Test Transferability, dependability and confirmability. The data analysis process was carried out using the Miles & Huberman interactive analysis model: Data Collection, Data Display, Data Reduction, and Conclusion Drawing. The results of the study found that through storytelling activities using folklore is able to instill character values. Character values that emerge include the character of responsibility, independence, honesty, religion and cooperation. The characters that emerge are an accumulation that arises from the children's behavior after listening to the folklore that is used such as "lelampaq Lendong Kaoq" and "Tegodek-Godek and Tetuntel-Tuntel"