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Opportune Parks for Early Children in Kendari City

Anhusadar, La Ode, Islamiyah, Islamiyah

Publisher : LPPM Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai

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The porpoise of this reseach is to know the utilization of the park on children's growth to support  and realize Kendari City as a child-opprtune city and qualitative research. The locations of this study were Kendari Mayor Park, Meohai Park and Kadia Park. This locationseected based on the number of visitors who visit the park. The techniques to collect data form of interviews to  obtain data from informants abaout child-oppertune parks in Kendari City. The informants  consisted of the Kendari City Government and the park user community. Observations to observ  the facilities and infrastructure from the park that can support children's activities. Documentation of any activities that children do in the park. The results of this study illustrate that the park is in the city of Kendari, most people use the park as a place togather with families, besides that parents are not worried when their children play in the park and children use  Kendari park to fill children develompent, beside that some people use the mayor's park for socialization or parents meeting.