al-Balagh : Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi
Vol 3, No 2 (2018)


Alfi, Imam

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31 Dec 2018


Indonesia as a welfare state continues to strive to organize social programs in the form of social assistance, social security and social assistance. The existence of the program requires assistance from a "Social Assistant". Regular citizen facilitation is carried out through the Family Ability Improvement Program (P2K2). This program is often referred to as Family Development Session (FDS). Besides aiming to increase family capacity, FDS aims to prepare the family when graduating or when completing the social assistance program towards economic independence. But the assisted process is not without problems. Including communication barriers Social facilitators when dealing with residents in Beneficiary Families (KPM). Active and efficient communication is the determining factor in implementing community assistance. An affective strategy needs to be prepared in the assistance of social assistance recipients so that the program is effective smoothly and efficiently.

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