Data Science: Journal of Computing and Applied Informatics
Vol 2 No 2 (2018): Data Science: Journal of Computing and Applied Informatics (JoCAI)

Enhancing Performance of Parallel Self-Organizing Map on Large Dataset with Dynamic Parallel and Hyper-Q

Sibero, Alexander F.K., Sitompul, Opim Salim, Nasution, Mahyuddin K.M.

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03 Aug 2018


Self-Organizing Map (SOM) is an unsupervised artificial neural network algorithm. Even though this algorithm is known to be an appealing clustering method,many efforts to improve its performance are still pursued in various research works. In order to gain faster computation time, for instance, running SOM in parallel had been focused in many previous research works. Utilization of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as a parallel calculation engine is also continuously improved. However, total computation time in parallel SOM is still not optimal on processing large dataset. In this research, we propose a combination of Dynamic Parallel and Hyper-Q to further improve the performance of parallel SOM in terms of faster computing time. Dynamic Parallel and Hyper-Q are utilized on the process of calculating distance and searching best-matching unit (BMU), while updating weight and its neighbors are performed using Hyper-Q only. Result of this study indicates an increase in SOM parallel performance up to two times faster compared to those without using Dynamic Parallel and Hyper-Q.

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