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Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi

Strategy of Emergency Response of Flood and Landslide Disaster in Pacitan Regency

Faturahman, Burhanudin Mukhamad

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26 Dec 2018


Disaster emergency response is an important stage in the process of disaster management in which the action is performed while tackling natural disasters. The goal of the research is to describe the phenomenon of floods and landslides disasters as well as the efforts of emergency response in the event of a disaster in pacitan regency year 2017. Research conducted through a descriptive qualitative approach. Method of data collection with interviews, observation and documentation. As for the data analysis stage include data condensation, data presentation and the final stage, namely the withdrawal of the conclusion. The results showed  flooding and landslides diasters in pacitan regency in the year 2017 including big disaster from a series of disasters that have occurred. These categories include  national scale natural disaster  because there are any victims and damage inflicted is large enough so that the various parties get involved in the handling of the disaster. The process of emergency response in the event of a disaster, led by komadan dandim 0801 military see as commander of the emergency response to natural disasters. Emergency response could be made in learning to cope with disasters that are better realized through disaster prevention and mitigation. Therefore, the overall infrastructure improvements that are vulnerable to disaster-affected and disaster-prone area mapping as well as awareness of stakeholders in the disaster prevention and mitigation very recommended to improve the ability of the community in the face of natural disasters.

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