Vol 2 No 2 (2018)

Implementasi Teknologi Mikroservice pada Pengembangan Mobile Learning

Sendiang, Maksy, Kasenda, Sonny, Purnama, Jerry

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05 Dec 2018


Software development using microservice has many advantages over conventional technology. The short number of comprehension and applied examples of microservice technology have caused the software developed using this technology is confined. This research aims to apply microservice technology in the development of mobile learning (MLearning). Implementation of microservice will break the application into stand-alone entities and isolated with others. Thus failure in an entity will not effect the application as a whole system. This research using a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods in collecting and analyzing data. The data obtained is modeled with an object-oriented approach by used Unified Modelling Language tool (UML). RUP method as one of software development method that gives focus to software architecture is used to develop the MLearning. By this research expected a MLearning is produced using microservice technology. It is expected this MLearning will improve the quality of education in Manado State Vocational High School. The conclusion of this research is that the development of MLearning with microservice technology will form  a robust application that gives a positive impact on teaching and learning process at Manado State Vocational High School.

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