Vol 2 No 2 (2018)

Analisis Robustness Teks Captcha Paypal HIP Menggunakan Template Matching

Humaira, Fitrah Maharani, Musri, Tengku, Sarimuddin, Sarimuddin, Alham, Dwi Samsuifin, Ilmah, Aurista Miftahatul

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05 Dec 2018


CAPTCHA refer to Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. CAPTCHA are used to ensure that the operators are human not robots. The basic idea of using CAPTCHA is segmentation and recognition. Random characters, graphic images, or CAPTCHA audio become possible solutions to improve security and resilience for protection systems. In this paper used CAPTCHA random characters. However the CAPTCHA text needs to be analyzed again whether it is still solved by the computer or not it needs to be analyzed, improved, and developed to avoid automatic interference. Data set of text CAPTCHA paypal or so-called paypal HIP with 20 pieces of training data to get the template as much as 36 images that is from the numbers 0-9 and the letter A-Z. This particular paypal HIP data is limited by not using numbers 0 and 1 with the letters O and Q because of the similarity between the data. The method used starts from pre-processing, segmentation, and classification. Pre-processing techniques used consist of removing noise by tresholding and using cleaning techniques. We use bounding box and padding for segmentation method. And then for classification used counting pixel, vertical projections, horizontal projections, dan template correlation. By using these methods will be known which method can recognize CAPTCHA text accurately so as to affect the robustness of the CAPTCHA text.

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