Jurnal Psikologi
Vol 45, No 3 (2018)

Peran Kearifan (Wisdom) terhadap Kecemasan menghadapi Kematian pada Lansia

Dinakaramani, Smita, Indati, Aisah

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03 Dec 2018


The development of individuals ends with the last step of being an elderly. Throughout their journey, they accumulate experience which results in the wisdom. A wise elder is often described having a good judgement, empathy, and the ability to accept change in their life including the acceptance of death as just another phase of life. The aim of this study is to find out the role of wisdom towards death anxiety among the elderly. The hypothesis of this study is “Wisdom has an role towards death anxiety”. This study uses an adaptation of the Death Anxiety Scale (DAS) and the Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale (3D-WS) as measuring instruments. This study analyze 130 elderlies between 60 and 85 years old that don’t stay in retirement homes. The data is analyzed using simple linear regression technique. The result of this study shows wisdom has a role towards elderly death anxiety by 14.3%.

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