Kinetik: Game Technology, Information System, Computer Network, Computing, Electronics, and Control
Vol 4, No 1, February 2019

An Enhancement of Data Hiding Imperceptibility using Slantlet Transform (SLT)

Sinaga, Daurat, Rachmawanto, Eko Hari, Sari, Christy Atika, Setiadi, De Rosal Ignatius Moses, Setiyanto, Noor Ageng

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10 Nov 2018


This study proposes a hybrid technique in securing image data that will be applied in telemedicine in future. Based on the web-based ENT diagnosis system using Virtual Hospital Server (VHS), patients are able to submit their physiological signals and multimedia data through the internet. In telemedicine system, image data need more secure to protect data patients in web. Cryptography and steganography are techniques that can be used to secure image data implementation. In this study, steganography method has been applied using hybrid between Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) and Slantlet Transform (SLT) technique. DCT is calculated on blocks of independent pixels, a coding error causes discontinuity between blocks resulting in annoying blocking artifact. While SLT applies on entire image and offers better energy compaction compare to DCT without any blocking artifact. Furthermore, SLT splits component into numerous frequency bands called sub bands or octave bands. It is known that SLT is a better than DWT based scheme and better time localization. Weakness of DCT is eliminated by SLT that employ an improved version of the usual Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT). Some comparison of technique is included in this study to show the capability of the hybrid SLT and DCT. Experimental results show that optimum imperceptibility is achieved.

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