Vol 8 No 2 (2018): September 2018

Pengembangan Perangkat Lunak Generate File Akun Uang Kuliah Tunggal (UKT) Universitas Palangka Raya

Pranatawijaya, Viktor Handrianus, Adidyana Anugrah Putra, Putu Bagus, ., Widiatry, Kamala Sari, Nova Noor

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19 Sep 2018


Regulations concerning Single Tuition Fee have been contained in the Regulation of Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 39 of 2016. In addition, the Law on Higher Education Number 12 of 2012 Article 88 stipulates that the minister posseses the authority to set the unit standard for Higher Education operational costs which becomes the basis of state universities to set the costs charged by the students in the scope of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. University of Palangka Raya applies Generate File Software Development Account to determine the cost of Single Tuition Fee which is a development method of modified Waterfall software. This method consists of four stages; (1) Analysis; (2) Design; (3) Implementation, and; (4) Testing. Quicksort and Depth First Search Algorithm also implemented on system. Thus this website utilizes Generate Data Account of Single Tuition Fee which will work automatically from each Higher Education entry, namely SNMPTN, SBMPTN and SMMPTN-BARAT and create easier to the management team to change automatically the data of study program from students’ Singgle Tuition Fee account based on the specified study program.   Keywords:  Single Tuition Fee, Generate File, Quicksort, Depth First Search

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Computer Science & IT Decision Sciences, Operations Research & Management


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