Vol 13, No 1 (2018)

Analysis of Factors that Influence Migration in Alian and Ayah Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency, Central Java

Rahmasari, Diah Tiara, Ahmad, Abdul Aziz

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01 Mar 2018


This research aimed to analyses migrants’ income contribution to income of the family at hometown, the influences of income, age, numbers of family to be responsible to, education, and marriage status on decision about migration in Kebumen. The method used in the research was survey of primary data which is gained through interviews and questionnaires. The data in this research were 91 migrants in Alian and Ayah Districts. Data analysis techniques used were binary logistic regression. The results showed that the contribution of migrants’ income to family’s income after migrating to the two districts was in medium level. It showed that the needs to live in migration place were expensive. Consequently, the income obtained in migration place could not give enough contribution to the family in hometown. Based on the analysis, the variable of the numbers of people the migrants had positive and significant effect for migration. Income and marriage variables status had negative and significant effect. While age and education variables had no contribution to the migration. Income is the most influential factor in migration, so the government or related organizations should give attentions to the citizen’s prosperity by creating making the job activities. The government and the society should cooperate in developing the economic potential in each area. It is also by giving the society some loans and work-skill coaching or education to increase their income. Those are to encourage the society to be more creative and autonomous.Keywords: Binary Logistic Regression, Citizen’s Prosperity, Marriage Status.

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