Vol 15 No 1 (2018): TIARSIE 15.1

Exhibition Hall Graphic Design Plan of the Bandung City Museum

Wiryawan, Muhammad Ryzki

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07 Sep 2018


At present, the museum has been recognized as one of the means of education through providing leisure experiences. There are efforts to increase visitor interest to the Museum. Graphic design in this case is one of the tools to attract end-users and facilitate the delivery of museum information. The research is intended to analyze the extent to which graphic design principles have been applied to the Bandung City Museum showroom to produce effective information access to visitors. Qualitative approaches are used in this study, namely: (a) interviews with museum managers and design designers; (b) literature analysis; and (c) visual description analysis of existing graphic design designs. It is hoped that this research can produce a further understanding of aspects of graphic design that are very influential on the success of a museum.

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