Jurnal Qawanin
Vol 1, No 1 (2017)


Setiyarini, dkk., Dyah Ayu

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14 Jun 2017


In Indonesia it appears logical, it has a lot of "tahlil". Even has become fleshamong Muslims. Before Islam came there was no "tahlil". It used to be peopleshabits if someone dies after neighbors gathered at the funeral home andsometimes they gamble to stay up until morning. Then came the cleric called a"Wali Songo" to change the habits of people get together and play gambling begathered to pray for the deceased which called "tahlilan". "Tahlil" comes fromthe word "" ھلل - یھلل - تھلیلاwhich means to read lafadz " "لاإلھإلاااللهwhich meansthere is no god but Allah. That is the purpose of reading “tahlil” was read versesor dhikr of Allah. The rituals like this is not just a "tahlil ", but there are also"Manakib "," Istighosah "and others.But in so far is that all based on the power ofmoney. Many of the chairman of the "tahlil" put a price on his services.Sometimes there are individuals and there are also tahlil institutions serviceproviders. Usually this tahlil services performed for seven days after someonedead. But there is also held because there are certain necessities such as incalling for a single day during the ritual forty days of death, hundred days ofdeath, a thousand days of death, birth of a baby, seven months of pregnancy and others.In taking wages in terms of worship is a lot of disagreement amongscholars,there should be and there should not be. And both have a legal basis tosupport this.Keywords: tahlil, manakib, istighosah

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