Jurnal Teknik Industri
Vol 19, No 2 (2018): Agustus

Pengembangan Algoritma Non Delay Pada Kasus Penjadwalan Non-Permutation Hybrid Flowshop Untuk Minimasi Mean Flowtime

Khoiroh, Siti Muhimatul

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29 Aug 2018


Production scheduling is one of the key success factors in the production process. Scheduling approach with Non-Permutation flow shop is a generalization of the traditional scheduling problems Permutation flow shop for the manufacturing industry to allow changing the job on different machines with the flexibility of combinations. This research tries to develop a heuristic approach that is non-delay algorithm by comparing Shortest Processing Time (SPT) and Largest Remaining Time (LRT) in the case of non-permutation flow shop to produce minimum mean flow time ratio. The result of simulation shows that the SPT algorithm gives less mean flow time value compared to LRT algorithm which means that SPT algorithm is better than LRT in case of non-permutation hybrid flow shop.

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