Majalah Obstetri & Ginekologi
Vol 26, No 2 (2018): August

Role of family structure and parenting style in adolescent pregnancy in Surabaya, Indonesia

Anifah, Fulatul, Dasuki, Djaswadi, K, Herlin Fitriana, Triratnawati, Atik

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23 Aug 2018


Objectives: To explore the relationship of family structure and parenting style with adolescent pregnancy in SurabayaMaterials and Methods: This research uses mix methods approach with case-control design and case study. Data were collected by questionnaire and in-dept interview guidelines. This study involved 46 adolescent (23 cases and 23 control) by purpossive sampling and 6 adolescents as main participants. Quantitative data were analyzed on univariable, bivariable with chi square and multivariable with multiple logistic regression with p=0,05 and CI 95%. Qualitative data were analyzed by in-depth interviewResults: Family stucture were not statistically significant (OR 10.53; CI 0.657-168.93), but socially meaningful. There is not statistically significant between parenting style with adolescent pregnancy (OR 1.191; CI 0.373-3.806). Other factors that have a significant relationship with adolescent pregnancy is education of responden (OR 559.76; CI 3.608-23026.4). There is no statis-tically significant in education father, education mother, employment status and where they living. Parenting style can be influenced by communication between parents and adolescent.Conclusions: Risk of adolescent pregnancy on people who have low education. Adolescents from extended family and single parent have a role to the incidence of teenage pregnancy.

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