Jurnal Communicate
Vol 2, No 1 (2018)

Survei Minat dan Kebutuhan Terhadap TV Berlangganan Di Jakarta

Ismail, Ervan

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23 Apr 2018


This survey  research is expected to describe the Pay TV indt!Stry, its custom­ er profile in Jakarta in the form of audience segmentation and the programs required and enthused by viewers. The research method was sun.ey zeith sam­ ple of 2000 television owners  as respondents. The sanzpli11g  method in this1·esearch was Multistage Random Sampling from 5 (jive) out of6 OK/ Jakarta province area, excluding Thousand Islands Regency. Data collecting technique used was interview. There were only 228 respondents from 2000 samples wlztl subscribed Pa y TV The research result described the telei>isioll Iieteer profile i11Jakarta through segmentation  based on age, gender alld social en,nomytatu . An interesting  finding was the capability of Pay TV companies· marketing 11s factors to acquire more subscribers with a total percentage of 32.5%.  Tile mostinteresting  program category depends on Pay TV subscriber is entertainment.Motion western pictures became the most favorite program, follo<eed by other countries animation or cartoon category. Pay TV category in jakarta is domi­ llated by Satellite Pay TV.

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