Jurnal Communicate
Vol 2, No 1 (2018)

Konstruksi Makna Media Massa: Telaah Presentasi Kepemimpinan melalui Semiologi Charles Sanders Peirce

Nurhalima, Intan, Syah Putra, Dedi Kurnia

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23 Apr 2018


Film as a medium of mass communication  succeeds in forming public percep­ tions through the construction of reality, build various phenomena through signs and structures of meaning. Film Jodhaa-Akbar is onof those films that one part of it tells of the power of an empire that had triumphed.  The phenome­ non of leadership is always interesting  when a source in contact with the study of politics and power issues. Through semiology Charles Peirce, this research study seeks to build leadership through the presentation of a film. Peirce di­ rects the concept of semiotics toward pragmatism. This research method using a qualitative approach. The studyfowzd that thi:Ye is a scene that clearly shozus the shape of act s of leadership, such as decision-making illvolving  many advi­ sors among lenders, employee error executing a personal palace, to the totality ( (the Sultan of developing education.

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