Jurnal Terapan Teknologi Informasi
Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Jurnal Terapan Teknologi Informasi


Hetty Primasari, Clara

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19 Apr 2018


Nutrition is a very important component of the body to support and maintain the body functions. Unfortunately in poor and developing countries, nutritional problems, especially, lack of nutritious food intake are still the main issues. The cause is due to lack of knowledge and concern for the importance of nutritious foods. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 175 million children in developing countries are malnourished by weight data by age. According to WHO, children with malnutrition risk 5-20 times greater deaths than children with good nutrition. Technological advances in IT have brought great impact to our lives. There is not a single side of our life that cannot be helped by information technology. Given the problem of malnutrition that occurs in the midst of a burgeoning world of technology, the author intends to take advantage of technology on the issue. This study aims to build an expert system to diagnose diseases caused by nutritional problems using the Certainty Factor method. The expert system has a component called an inference engine that contains the mechanism of thinking and reasoning function of the system used by an expert. This expert system will be built for use in web platforms with C# programming languages. It would be useful if an expert's expertise can be translated and modeled into a web-based system so that the system can be used anytime and anywhere and can represent expert knowledge and judgment.

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