Jurnal Kompilasi Ilmu Ekonomi (KOMPILEK)
Vol 1, No 1 (2009)


Setiawan, Rony Ika

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30 Sep 2015


The background of this research is the development of industrial soap as well as the increasing of toilet soap usage, which become a chance to the growth of soap industry beside as the globalization in AFTA 2004 era, which tend to the high competition between some of liquid soap brand.The aim of this research are: 1. to analyze the map of liquid soap brand based on society perception in Blitar City, 2. to analyze and grouping the position of liquid soap brand in Blitar City,and 3. Knowing one of liquid soap society preference to determine attributes which were used.The object of the research are eight liquid soap brands, they are: Lifebuoy, Lux, Cusson Imperial Leather, Biore, Nuvo, Dettol, and Gatsby. The method of taking sample is by using purposive sampling to determine population target, and proportional sampling to specify the amount of sample of each districts in Blitar City. The research population is society living in Blitar City, one people represent a family.Statistic analysis device are 1. by multidimensional scaling (MDS) in order to see the map position; 2. cluster analysis to see grouping position, and 3. vector analysis to know the position of liquid soap brand based on society preference.The result of this research shows that eight brands of liquid soap have different position according to society in Blitar City. There are two segments: the first are the brand of Lifebuoy, Gatsby, Biore, Sanex, and Cusson Imperial Leather; and the second are the brand of Lux, Dettol, and Nuvo.The result of mapping position shows that the brand of Biore is closely competition to Sanex and Cusson Imperial Leather, Lifebuoy brand is closely competition to Dettol while Nuvo doesnt have competitor from other brands.The brand of Lifebuoy and Gatsby be found of consumers because of its aroma and the package. The brand of Biore, Sanex, and Cusson Imperial Leather be found of consumers because of cleanliness and the measurement while Nuvo because of its cleanliness.The brand of Lux has highest preference rank among the others attributes, it means the brand of Lux is preferable in Blitar City.KATA KUNCI: Analisis Persaingan, Pengelompokan Posisi Merk, Sabun Mandi Cair, Persepsi Masyarakat , Kota Blitar

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