Jurnal Psikologi
Vol 45, No 2 (2018)

Validasi Struktur Internal Alat Ukur Refleksi Diri Adaptif melalui CFA

Bahiyah, Siti, savitri, setiawati intan

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02 Aug 2018


Adaptive self reflection could be done if people could react positively when analyze negative experienced by reflecting emotions, allowing theself to reconstruct the feelings and meaning of the experience rather than recounting what has happened and what is perceived or avoiding it (self-distancing). The purpose of this study is to developed adaptive self reflection questionnaire by validating internal structure some of scales that have the same relation with adaptive self reflection construct. This study used a quantitative approach with Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) method involving 100 respondents in the trial and 306 respondents in the next test. The Adaptive self reflection questionnaire that produced in this study consisted of 15 items that measure three dimensions, namely theemotional reactivity, thought content, and avoidance. The Adaptive self reflection questionnaire proved to be valid and reliable (CR = 0.80). The test results proved that the measuring adaptive self reflection questionnaire meet the unidimensionality assumption. 

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