Edukasia Islamika
Vol 2 No 2: Desember 2017

Aini, Rofiqotul

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03 Jul 2018


In the era of globalization, there are some varieties of educational ideology. This condition makes some education practitioners often change the curriculum and educational model. There is always curriculum review in a short period of time. It shows that Indonesian education ideology is inconsistent. Actually, without following the western education ideology, Muslim practitioners in Indonesia should be able to maintain and use their own education ideology, namely Islamic education ideology. Islamic education ideology is a universal and transcendental ideology. It can give the newest and updated format for the era development. This paper describes the meeting points of Islamic education ideology, conservative education ideology, and liberal education ideology. The research method used in this research is library research method, and the data was analyzed by using content analysis method. The reserch result shows that the meeting points of those ideologies are divided into four concepts. First, the objective of education is to optimize the human resource. Second, the concept of human being is that human is the most noble and creative creation. Third, the education curriculum should be applicable. Forth, it is better to use guidance and counseling method in guiding students in solving their problems. 

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