Jurnal Teknik Elektro
Vol 10, No 1 (2018): Jurnal Teknik Elektro

Identifikasi Bukti Digital WhatsApp pada Sistem Operasi Proprietary Menggunakan Live Forensics

Riadi, Imam, Sunardi, Sunardi, Rauli, Muhamad Ermansyah

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20 Jun 2018


Rapid development of computer technology is also accompanied with increasing of cybercrime. One of the most common crimes is fraud case in the online shop. This crime  abuses Whatapps, one of the most popular Instant Messenger (IM) applications.  WhatsApp is one of the IM applications that can be used on computers, especially on windows 8.1 operating system. All applications running on the computer leave data and information on Random Access Memory (RAM). The data and information that exist in RAM can be obtained using digital forensic technique calledLive Forensics. Live forensics can be used when the computer is running and connected to the  network. This research aims to find digital evidence related to online shop fraud case. The digital evidence can be obtained using one of the forensic tools FTK Imager. FTK Imager can retrieve and analyze data and information on RAM. The results obtained in this research is the content of WhatsApp conversations that can be used as digital evidence to reveala fraud in the online shop.

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