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Vol 3, No 1 (2014): Jurnal Biometrika dan Kependudukan

Analisis Faktor Risiko Berat Badan Lahir Pada Kematian Perinatal Menggunakan Meta Analysis

Prasiska, Danik Iga ( Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Airlangga )

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24 Feb 2015


ABSTRACTBiostatistics research is currently been developed by health experts to examine a variety of health problems. One method of biostatistics research that is still rarely conducted by researchers is the kind of research literature reviews one meta-analysis.  This study aimed to apply the methods of meta-analysis on birth weight as  risk factor for perinatal mortality by summarizing the results of research into a variety of more accurate conclusions. This research included of unobtrusive research. Researchers did not make direct contact with the respondent. The independent variables used were birth weight and perinatal mortality is a dependent variable. Data analysis was performed with the help of software Comprehensive Meta analysis with a confidence level of α = 5%. Based on the results of analysis showed that the odds ratios obtained value is 14.018 with a p-value of 0.000. Proving that birth weight was  risk factor of perinatal mortality.Keyword : perinatal mortality, meta analysis

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