Nexus Kedokteran Komunitas
Vol 2, No 3 (2013): Nexus Kedokteran Komunitas

HubunganPengetahuan Mahasiswa Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Sebelas Maret Mengenai Resusitasi Jantung Paru dengan Kepercayaan Diri Mahasiswa dalam Melakukan Tindakan Penyelamatan

Kirana, Tara Ken Wita, Wicaksono, Bagus, Hanim, Diffah

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03 Jun 2014


Background:Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure, performed in an effort to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest. Untill now, CPR is one of the most important procedure in first aid of heart attack, also in respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest due to trauma. CPR need to be performed in a fast and effective way, therefore knowledge of CPR and confidence in perform CPR is needed. This research aims to analyze the relationship beetwen medical student’s of Sebelas Maret University knowledge in CPR with student’s confidence in performing a rescue. Methods:The research was an analytical survey with cross sectional approach implemented in May-June 2013 in Faculty of Medicine Sebelas Maret University. The number of samples in this study was 129 students with the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the samples sampling by simple random sampling. Dependent variable was student’s confidence in performing a rescue and independent variable was student’s knowledge in CPR. This research was conducted with questionnaires by samples and then the data were analyzed by Pearson Correlation. Results:This research showed significant relationship beetwen student knowledge in CPR and students confidence in performing a rescue (p = 0.000).This study showed that 93 students (72.09%) didn’t know the exact location of chest compression, 21 students (16.27%) didn’t know the right recovery position for patient, 129 students (100%) wanted to gain more training and knowledge in CPR, 42 respondents (32.55%) acknowledged that they were still not able to perform CPR effectively, and 40 students (31%) stated that they were not able to perform breathing support in an accurate and effective way. Conclusions:The relationship beetwen medical student’s of Sebelas Maret University knowledge in cardio pulmonary resusitation with student’s confidence in performing a rescue were significant. Keywords:Cardio pulmonary resusitation, confidence, rescue

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