Jurnal Manajemen
##issue.vol## 14, ##issue.no## 1 (2010)


Andi Wijaya

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12 Mar 2012


transportation is one of the important operational activity. It is also inseparable from country’s economic activity, because its function is needed to support the national development by allocating its production factors fairly and optimally. The main problem in product distribution is how to transfer one product to its destination at minimal cost. Transportation strategy is needed to solve this problem. There are two solutions in this method: beginning and optimal solution. Beginning solution is used to fill empty cells that has been adjusted to its total capacity and needs. However, this beginning solution has three methods: north-west corner, least cost, and vogel’s approximation method (VAM). Using the beginning method does not guarantee that the achieved result is a minimum transportation cost. Therefore, the results needs to be tested until it reaches the optimum solution. There are two methods to reach the optimum solution: stepping stones and modified distribution method (MODI)

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