Jurnal Promkes
Vol 1, No 2 (2013): Jurnal Promkes


Pratama, Verdian Nendra Dimas ( Airlangga University )

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19 Jun 2014


Abstract: Liquor is the drink that contains alcohol when consumed excessively and constantly can harm and harm both physically and mentally that will affect the behavior and way of thinking. As a result it will further affect their social life with family maupun hubungan well with the surrounding community. Subjects were adolescent users liquor in the village district Jatigono Kunir Lumajang district. This research method is quantitative cross-sectional approach, primary data was collected through questionnaires, sample of 43 respondents was chosen by quota sampling method, where researchers will contact the subjects that meet the characteristics of the population are easily found to amount / quota set are met. The results of the study in mind that teenagers who get good knowledgeable as many as 20 (46.5%), teenagers who are less knowledgeable either no 7 (16.3%). Meanwhile, teens who behave as many as 24 (55.8%), teenagers who behave poorly there were 4 (9.3%). While teens are having good action by 25 (58.1%), adolescents who have poor measures a total of 18 (41.9%). For research on adolescent behavior change is known that the majority of respondents did not want to change as much as 48.8%, and do not know want to change or do not want to change as much as 16.3%. While the number of respondents who want change as much as 34.9%. Conclusions taken from this study is the average respondent behaved but the views from The studies coheren sense of the majority of respondents did not want to turn in because of experiencing stress and depression. Keywords: Behavior, Teens, Liquor

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