Vol 1, No 1: 25 Riset Unggulan Univ. Mercu Buana


Muin, Resmi Bestari, Nasution, Amrinsyah

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28 May 2013


Abstract - - Exact solution for dynamic system with distributes mass in elastic state in commonly analyzed by Euler Bernoulli theory, that is plane cross sections perpendicular to the axis of the beem remains plane and perpendicular to the axis after deformation (Wang.1995). Due to effect of transverse shear deformations, the plane cross sections remain plane but not necessarily normal to the longitudinal axis after deformation. This effect may have significant influence on the natural frequency of the large and deep beam. Also, the inertial resistance to rotational acceleration or the beam could not be ignored for the large and deep beam. Invetigation is made for these two conditions by the use of Timoshenko’s beam theory. This paper presents exact solution of natural frequency, of which shear deformationand rotary inertia effects are included in the analysis. Number of made-shapes become definite if which shear deformation and rotary inertia effects are included in the analysis.   Keywords: Timoshenko’s beam theory, shear deformation and rotary inertia, made-shapes.. plantation sector, area, productivity, investment, interest rate, and wages TEL classification: E52,E62 

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