Vol 1, No 1: 25 Riset Unggulan Univ. Mercu Buana

CNG Engine Performance Improvement Strategy Through Advanced Intake System

Sera, Mardani Ali, Bakar, Rosli Abu, Leon, Sin Kwang

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28 May 2013


Abstract - - An advanced intake system based on a new mixer design was developed to increase intake flow pressure and at the same time generate intake turbulent flow for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuelled operation. Derived from simulation, a mixer which implements ventury-burner type was chosen to be fabricated, install and tested. A data Acquisition System (DAS) was also set up and was supported by the software to enable data processing. The results show that the new mixer has proven to improve the intake flow pressure and produced higher turbulent ratio. The Whole advanced intake system is obviously improved the CNG engine performance to get closer to that of gasoline.

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