MIMBAR: Jurnal Sosial dan Pembangunan
Volume 34, No. 1, Year 2018 [Accredited Ranking Sinta 2]

The Phenomenon Of Marriage Couples With Long-Distance Relationship

Suminar, Jenny Ratna (Unknown)
Kaddi, Sitti Murni (Unknown)

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19 Jun 2018


The study has a purpose of elaborating the motives of living in a long-distance relationship, how is the interpersonal communication and communication experience of a long-distance marriage partner if one of them stay in Bandung. The research method uses constructivist paradigm with phenomenology tradition. Data is obtained through in-depth interviews with six informants who undergo long-distance relationship with their respective spouses. The result of this study finds that the motive of getting married in long-distance couples is the motive of cause (because of motive): feeling that they match for each other, the compatibility in communicating and having the same mission/vision in life. While the purpose motive (in order to motive): gaining support and building a sakinah family. Interpersonal communication in long-distance couples is a commitment built on trust and supporting each other's activities. Happiness is believed to be the power of commitment to marital relationships. The communication experience of long-distance marriage partners is to maintain quality of communication, such as expression of longing, asking news, encouraging, supporting, and also praying for mutual success. This is done by utilizing various media that the informants have.

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