Jurnal Peternakan Integratif
Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

Analysis of Broiler Chicken Demand Influencing Factors in Pematangsiantar City

Hajiis, Restu (Unknown)
Daulay, Armyn Hakim (Unknown)
Mirwandhono, Edhy (Unknown)
Wahyuni, Tri Hesti (Unknown)
., Hamdan (Unknown)

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Publish Date
05 Dec 2018


Broiler chickens is a type of chicken that are able to grow and develop quickly.  In addition, broiler chicken is one of favourite source of meat. The purpose of  this research was to determined the affecting factors of demand of the broiler chicken meat demand in the Pematangsiantar city. The study was conducted in April-June 2018 using primary data. The method used in accidental sampling is respondent interview with purposive technique that  analyzed by Multiple Linear Regression using SPSS 22 application tool. The results showed that broiler chicken demand in Pematangsiantar city was influenced simultaneously by broiler price, age, family member, family income, egg price, appetite level, and education level with R² = 0,51. The price of broiler chicken meat, age and the number  of family members had a significant effected on the 95% confidence level.

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