Indonesian Journal of Geography
Vol 50, No 2 (2018): Indonesian Journal of Geography

Percent of Building Density (PBD) of Urban Environment: A multi-index Approach Based Study in DKI Jakarta Province

Ardiansyah, Ardiansyah (Unknown)
Hernina, Revi (Unknown)
Suseno, Weling (Unknown)
Zulkarnain, Faris (Unknown)
Yanidar, Ramadhani (Unknown)
Rokhmatuloh, Rokhmatuloh (Unknown)

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26 Dec 2018


This study developed a model to identify the percent of building density (PBD) of DKI Jakarta Province in each pixel of Landsat 8 imageries through a multi-index approach. DKI Jakarta province was selected as the location of the study because of its urban environment characteristics.  The model was constructed using several predictor variables i.e.  Normalized Difference Built-up Index (NDBI), Soil-adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI), Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI), and surface temperature from thermal infrared sensor (TIRS). The calculation of training sample data was generated from high-resolution imagery and was correlated to the predictor variables using multiple linear regression (MLR) analysis. The R values of predictor variables are significantly correlated. The result of MLR analysis shows that the predictor variables simultaneously have correlation and similar pattern to the PBD based on high-resolution imageries. The Adjusted R Square value is 0,734, indicates that all four variables influences predicting the PBD by 73%.

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