Media Veteriner
Vol 7, No 1 (2006): Media Veteriner

Relationship Between Milk Potassium Ion Concentration and Bacterial Cell Count, Somatic Cell Count and California Mastitis Test Score in Lactating Ewes

Adriani, Adriani (Unknown)
Manalu, W. (Unknown)

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13 Jan 2011


Thirty two lactating ewes were observed for 12 weeks to study the relationship between the concentration of milk potassium ion and the total bacterial count, somatic cell count and the scores of Californian mastitis test (CMT)in an effort to design an alternative method of detecting subdinical mastitis. Milk samples were collected weekly in the morning and tested for 12 weeks during lactation period. Parameters used in the study were the concentration of milk potassium ion, total bacterial cellcount, somatic cell count, and CMT scores. The result showed that the increase in bacterial cell count and somatic cell count was closely related with the increase in the concentration of milk potassium ion (

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