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Analysis of Reducing Sugars on Hydrolysis of Cassava Starch by a Thermostable a-Amylasefrom Bacillus stearothemophilus TII 12

Lestari, Puji (Unknown)
Darwis, Abdul Aziz (Unknown)
Syamsu, Khaswar (Unknown)
Richana, Nur (Unknown)
Damardjati, Djoko Said (Unknown)

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30 Dec 2010


The product of a-amylase hydrolysis was evaluated for their application In sugar syrup Industry. The objectives ofthis experiment were to determine the enzyme production of Bacillus stearothermophilus TH,2 in a five liter bioreactorand to analyze its hydrolysis product on cassava starch using thin layer chromatography and high performance liquidchromatography. The bacterium was cultured in the bloreactor for 48 hours, and then the biomass, enzyme activity,protein and reducing sugar contents in the filtrate were evaluated In the course of cultivation. The strain secreted anextraceiiuiar a-amylase in the optimal condition at pH 6.5, 5O´C, agitation of 300 rpm and aeration of 1.5 vvm for 24hours. The highest activity of a.amylase and reducing sugar content of 1 068.87 U/mI and 4.48 g/l respectively wereobtained after 24 hours incubation. Hydrolysis products by the crude enzyme on cassava starch were evaluated atdifferent Incubation time. In the course of incubation the content of glucose, dextrin, maltose and oligosaccharideswere increasing. After 24 hours the concentration of glucose and maltose reached 51 970 and 10 090 ppm respectively.Based on the enzymatic products, we concluded that thermostabie a.amylsse produced by B. slearothermophilus was aaendo-a-amylase.

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