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EDISI 2011

Deteksi Mutasi Titik Gen Natrium Voltage Gated Channel menggunakan Polymerase Chain Reaction pada Aedes aegypti Resisten Sintetik Piretroid di Palembang

Ghiffari, Ahmad (Unknown)
Handayani, Dwi (Unknown)
Dalilah, Dalilah (Unknown)

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29 Oct 2012


Aedes aegypti is a vector of several dangerous disease, for example is the dengue virus. Hundreds of milion people are suffered with dengue fever every year in almost a hundred nations worldwide. One way to reduce the dissemination of the virus is to control the population of the mosquitoes. Insecticides was successful in eliminating in the past but unfortunately the resistance against this chemical has occured recently. Insecticides resistance was first discovered happen with DDT in 1955, followed by Temephos and last the synthetic pyrethroid. The synthetic pyrethrold resistance can be detected with two ways, which is the detection in enzyme and the mutation in natrium voltage gated channel. Detection in enzyme means to detect the raise of the detoxicifation quantity in neutralizing the insecticide effect, it can be done in biochemical assay and molecular assay. Detection in mutation of natrium voltage gated channel means to detect the receptor mutation of the insecticide site, It can only be done with molecular assay. This research is conducted to determine whether there is a mutation in Palembang Aedes aegypty mosqultoe. The population research has taken in three sub district of Palembang, with the number of sample approximately two hundred mosquitoes. The identification of larvae took place In Parasitology Laboratory Medical Faculty of Sriwijaya University and the identification of mutation took place in Balai Besar Laboratorium Kesehatan Palembang. The results showed that there is no mutation detected, the PCR methode. that been used showed there was no mutant band arise. It can be concluded that the resistance of synthetic pyrethroid has not been found. Following research should be attempt with another proven primers that would able to detect the insecticide resistance, or the following sophisticated research that could detect a new point of mutation.   Keywords:  Aedes aegypti, PCR, Point mutation

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