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Vol 1 No 1 (2018): Volume 1 Issue 1

Genetic Diversity of Dospyros cauliflora Blume and Diospyros lolin Bakh. from Purwodadi Botanical Garden Collection Based on Morphometric Analysis

Lestari, Dewi Ayu (Unknown)
Aliviyanti, Dain (Unknown)
Mariantika, Lina (Unknown)
Kurniawan, Nia (Unknown)

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23 Feb 2018


Diospyros cauliflora Blume and Diospyros lolin Bakh are some of endemic plants from Indonesia which included on Ebenaceae family. Their distribution in Maluku Island, especially in Seram and Morotai Island. Morphometric analysis of D. cauliflora and D. lolin is important to know the genetic diversity of them, because reference of Diospyros morphometric analysis evaluation in Purwodadi Botanical Garden are not documented. Plant materials (branch, trunk, leaf and fruit) of D. cauliflora and D. lolin from Purwodadi Botanic Garden, Pasuruan-East Java, are analysis. The results showed that genetic diversity of D. cauliflora and D. lolin are high. High variation within species of D. cauliflora and D. lolin cause high polymorphism. Morphometric character of D. cauliflora that must conserve in the future are plant height (TT), plant height bole (TTBC), diameter of branch (DC), length of petiole (PP) and sum of seed on one fruit (BI). D. lolin morphometric character are length of petiole (PP), length of leaflet (PL), diameter of canopy (DT) and sum of branch (JC). Their character can be used to key character of plant identification of D. cauliflora and D. lolin. Keywords: Diospyros, Genetic diversity, Morphometric, Purwodadi Botanic Garden

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