Jurnal Keperawatan Silampari
Vol 2 No 1 (2018): Jurnal Keperawatan Silampari (JKS)

Pengaruh Metode Glenn Doman (Tahap 1 dan 2) terhadap Perkembangan Komunikasi Anak Autisme di Autis Center Bengkulu

Wahyu, Haifa (Unknown)
Betrianita, Betrianita (Unknown)
Pramesti, Melati Tridita (Unknown)
Padila, Padila (Unknown)

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27 Aug 2018


This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Glenn Doman method stages 1 and 2 on the development of autistic children’s thinking in autis center Bengkulu.The research design was quasi experiment using two group before after or pre test and post test design group. The result showed that in univariate analysis, it was found that the majority male with speech ability in control group and treatment group is quite capable before being treaten through Glenn Doman theraphy stage 1 and 2. Then the development of the majority treatment group is increasing to capable. In bivariate analysis, it was found out that there was a significant effect of Glenn Doman therapy stage 1 and 2 on the development of autism children communication in autis centre Bengkulu with value p 0,000 < 0,0. Considering the importance of the development of children communication, especially children with autism, autism center Bengkulu is willing improve the method of Glenn Doman stages 1 and 2 in the process of education for children with autism. Keyword : Autism, Glenn Doman

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