Indonesian Journal of Science and Education
Vol 2, No 1 (2018): Indonesian Journal of Science and Education

Designing Basic Science Concept Materials by Using Alqur’an, Sains, Character (Alsak) Approach for Students of Primary Teachers Education Study Program as A Character Building Media in Higher Education

winarto, winarto (Unknown)

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27 Apr 2018


The scholar crimes cause the goverments’ concern about it. The scholar brawl, the drugs abuse, promiscuity, and many other become the main reason of the importance of character building in the college/ university which appropriates to the governors’ mandate. The Basic concept of science is a skill course of the scholar of elementary school teacher which can be used as a media of character building through the development of teaching material. It is arranged by using the Al Qur’an, science and the character (ALSAK) approach is a concept notion of character building through the college. The ALSAK approach is a learning which involves the student actively and makes the Al Qur’an as a learning resource of science. The learning resources are conducted by presenting the Al Qur’an verses which relate to the concept of science. The packaging of the learning resource of science which relates to the Al Qur’an verses is expected can improve the spiritual and scientific attitude so it can strengthen the scholars’ character. Keywords: Learning Material, ALSAK Scholar

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