Vol 7, No 1 (2010)

Pengaruh Retrofit Refrigeran CFC-12 Terhadap Kinerja Refrigerator Domestik

Hanwar, Oong ( Jurusan Teknik Mesin Politeknik Negeri Padang )

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11 May 2012


In the recent years, almost every house has domestic refrigerator which still use CFC-12 refrigerant as the fluid. When the leakage happen, the refrigerant causes the damage of ozone such as forming the Ozone side then radiation of ultra violet from the sun ray in high intensity reach the surface on each directly and it is dangerous for the human life. The Hydrocarbon refrigerant (HCR-12) is considered as one of alternative, which is environmentally friendly, more energy to save and without modification, to replace the CFC-12.This research compare the performance of household refrigerator using the CFC- 12 refrigerant and HCR-12 without the modification of refrigerator. The result shown from the COP, that the refrigerators work for both of refrigerant is relatively the same and the quality of the ice product from HCR-12 is better than CFC-12, because the amount of the energy which is absorbed by HCR-12 during the evaporation process is bigger than CFC- 12. Analyzing the amount of refrigerant weight full filled to refrigerator, HCR-12 only uses 40 % from CFC-12,If the price of both refrigerant is the same, the use of HCR-12 is profitable than the use of CFC-12.

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