Jurnal Edukasi Elektro
Vol 5, No 1

Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif Mata Kuliah Medan Elektromagnetik

Ali, Muhamad ( Dosen Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta )

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07 Mar 2009


Learning media is one of the most factor in supporting succesfully in the learning process. This paper discuss about the development of learning media based interactive multimedia in Electromagnetic Fields course subject. This media is designed to assist students in learning independently using computer assistance. Development of media using the software development through the five stages. The first stage is need assesment, followed by making the design both hardware and software. The third step is the development of media and further testing is done against the media to be developed. The last step is implementation of the media is in the process of learning. Tests conducted with the media black box testing techniques and test feasibility intrumen be done through review of media experts and experts on learning products produced. The result from the validation of media by media and learning experts found that the overall results of this media have a very good rating with the average score of 3.74 with a maximum score of 4 on a likert scale. Student responses on the use of both learning media for this independent study with an average score of 3.24. This shows that the media is entering the category is very good and feasible to be implemented in the learning process.

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