Journal of Advanced Civil and Environmental Engineering
Vol 1, No 1 (2018)

Risk Index Model of Waste Final Disposal

Syahputra, Benny (Unknown)
Rusbintardjo, Gatot (Unknown)

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01 Jan 2018


Waste Final Disposal (WFD) in some municipals in Central Java Province of Indonesia have brought environmental problem. Evaluation to the environment quality through assessment index of environment risk or Integrated Risk Based Approach (IRBA) need to be carried out to some WFD to be able to make decision which one of WFD can be rehabilitated or must be permanently closed. Aspects of WFD which have to be reviewed include, technical, environment, and social aspect, especially aspect of impact to the society. There are three categories of parameter in analysing IRBA, namely, location criteria which have 20 parameter, waste characteristic have 4 parameters, and lindi characteristic have 3 parameters. To each parameter is provided grade or value and sensitivity index. Research was carried out to five locations of WFD in five municipals, namely, Semarang, Pekalongan, Tegal, Magelang, and Solo municipal. Assessment result to the three categories shows that four WFD namely WFD Pekalongan, WFD Tegal, WFD Magelang, and WFD Solo have risk index value between 300 – 600 and is categorised in fair level of dangerous evaluation, while WFD Semarang have risk index value >600 and is categorised as high level of dangerous evaluation. It can be concluded that the utilization of the four WFD which have risk index between 300 to 600 can be continued and phase by phase can be rehabilitated to become controlled land fill, while for WFD Semarang must be closed immediately because polluted surrounding environment.

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