Vol 9 No 3 (2017): August 2017

Implementasi Protokol Single Sign On (SSO) Menggunakan Face Recognition

Isfahani, Hasan (Unknown)
Prastiyanto, Dhidik (Unknown)
Purbawanto, Sugeng (Unknown)

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11 Aug 2017


Account is the key of every systems in order to access the system. Nowadays, every people has some different account systems. All of these account must be remembered, so that they could access the system. Facing this issue, the management account devices which is centralized by using Single Sign On (SSO) protocol is needed. This research was using sequential linear system development models. The sequential linear system development through four stages, analysis, design, coding and testing. Some tests were also performed, such as blackbox test, performance test, efficiency, portability, usability, Eigenface alghorithm test, and multi login test. The result of the research were the stages of system development with blackbox test of system functions were running well. Performance test shown the excellence of system performance. Efficiency test has a result above-average GTMetrix. Portability aspect test shown that system could being accessed in three browser. Usability test shown that the process of face verification is going well without any mistakes. Accessing the system by login through some different system implied that multi login system test is successful. The conclusion could be implied from this research is SSO login system could simplify the management account for administrators and users. SSO login system needs to be applied by using face authentication recognition. Some advices for further system development are the  additional function of encryption and the establishment of dedicated server for Face Recognition

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