Vol 7, No 1 (2015): Juni

MUSLIM TURKI DAN ISLAM TURKI: Dalam Perspektif Gerakan Fethullah Gulen Untuk Menemukan Identitas Islam Di Eropa

Najamuddin, Najamuddin ( Institut Agama Islam Negeri Mataram )
Hariyanto, Ishak ( Institut Agama Islam Negeri Mataram )

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01 Jun 2015


This paper talk about Turkish Muslims and Islamic Turkey: perspectives for a new European Islamic identity. There are significant refrences for the development of society when humans first found fire, then the wheel and most recently the silicon or microchip with wich humanity has revolutionized its thought and behaviour, progress and creativity. However the societies has a negative historical data bring back the horros of just the last century. Fethullah Gulen’s concept to redeem all the problems Turkish muslim and Islam Turkey, he was mentioned social formation of community and society based on dialogue and tolerance, self-scrifice and altruism, avoidance of political and ideological conflict, taking action in a positive and harmonious way and taking responsibility had a formidable influence on individuals and groups. Gulen also has evoked a thought changing movement both within Turkey and several other part of the world and has potential to redefine what it means rationally to be Islamic and European at the same time.

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