EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology
Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Cluster Oriented Spatio Temporal Multidimensional Data Visualization of Earthquakes in Indonesia

Shodiq, Mohammad Nur (Unknown)
Barakbah, Ali Ridho (Unknown)
Harsono, Tri (Unknown)

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30 Mar 2016


Spatio temporal data clustering is challenge task. The result of clustering data are utilized to investigate the seismic parameters. Seismic parameters are used to describe the characteristics of earthquake behavior. One of the effective technique to study multidimensional spatio temporal data is visualization. But, visualization of multidimensional data is complicated problem. Because, this analysis consists of observed data cluster and seismic parameters. In this paper, we propose a visualization system, called as IES (Indonesia Earthquake System), for cluster analysis, spatio temporal analysis, and visualize the multidimensional data of seismic parameters. We analyze the cluster analysis by using automatic clustering, that consists of get optimal number of cluster and Hierarchical K-means clustering. We explore the visual cluster and multidimensional data in low dimensional space visualization. We made experiment with observed data, that consists of seismic data around Indonesian archipelago during 2004 to 2014.Keywords: Clustering, visualization, multidimensional data, seismic parameters.

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