EMITTER International Journal of Engineering Technology
Vol 3, No 1 (2015)

Semantic Songket Image Search with Cultural Computing of Symbolic Meaning Extraction and Analytical Aggregation of Color and Shape Features

Amirullah, Desi (Unknown)
Barakbah, Ali Ridho (Unknown)
Basuki, Achmad (Unknown)

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01 Jun 2015


The term "Songket" comes from the Malay word "Sungkit", which means "to hook" or "to gouge". Every motifs names and variations was derived from plants and animals as source of inspiration to create many patterns of songket. Each of songket patterns have a philosophy in form of rhyme that refers to the nature of the sources of songket patterns and that philosophy reflects to the beliefs and values of Malay culture. In this research, we propose a system to facilitate an understanding of songket and the philosophy as a way to conserve Songket culture. We propose a system which is able to collect information in image songket motif variations based on feature extraction methods. On each image songket motif variations, we extracted philosophy of rhyme into impressions, and extracting color features of songket images using a histogram 3D-Color Vector quantization (3D-CVQ), shape feature extraction songket image using HU Moment invariants. Then, we created an image search based on impressions, and impressions search based on image. We use techniques of search based on color, shape and aggregation (combination of colors and shapes). The experiment using impression as query : 1) Result based on color, the average value of true 7.3, total score 41.9, 2) Result based on shape, the average value of true 3, total score 16.4, 3) Result based on aggregation, the average value of true 3, total score 17.4. While based using Image Query : 1) Result based on color, the average precision 95%, 2) Result based on shape, average precision 43.3%, 3) Based aggregation, the average precision 73.3%. From our experiments, it can be concluded that the best search system using query impression and query image is based on the color.Keyword : Image Search, Philosophy, impression, Songket, cultural computing, Feature Extraction, Analytical aggregation.

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