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Vol 6, No 1 (2015): Jurnal Manajemen dan Organisasi

Analisis Pengendalian Mutu Jambu Kristal dengan Metode Six Sigma di ADC IPB-ICDF Taiwan Bogor

Pratidina, Raisha ( FEM Manajemen IPB )
Syamsun, Muhammad ( FEM Manajemen IPB )
Wijaya, Nur Hadi ( FEM Manajemen IPB )

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29 Sep 2015


Quality Management is one of  success keys of a company to become a market leader and reach its goal. This is also the case with Agribussiness Development Center (ADC) Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)-Taiwan International Cooperative Development Fund (ADC IPB-ICDF Taiwan). The most popular product of this company is Crystal Guava which has hardly any-seeds, sweet taste and crunchy meat. In 2012, this company have could only fulfill 31% of Crystal Guava market demand for grade A and 69% for grade B+, B and C. Analysis method used in this study is Defect per Opportunity (DPO) Analysis, Defect per million Opportunity (DPMO) Analysis, Process Flow Diagram, Pareto Chart, Control Chart, Fishbone Diagram, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis and Six Sigma Method. Based on analysis results, there are six Critical to Quality (CTQ); namely, seeding, environmental conditions, fertilizing, maintenance, harvest and post harvest. Furthemore, the calculation of sigma range shows that, sigma capability during 2012, on production Crystal Guava in ADC IPB-ICDF Taiwan, Bogor was still in 2-sigma. This reveals that there are many defects of Crystal Guava and its sigma capability is still below the target of capability (3.4 sigma). In the words, this moment, ADC IPB-ICDF Taiwan is not realistic in applying six sigma method on quality control of Crystal Guava due to viable agricultural yields and is affected by a number of factors, especially environmental factors that is difficult to control.Keywords : crystal guava, quality control, six sigma, ADC IPB-ICDF

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