Jurnal Nuances
Vol 1, No 2 (2010)

Thematic Analysis For Literacy As Cultural And Social Pracices Of An Indonesian Student In English Speaking Country

Delfi, Syofia (Unknown)

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Publish Date
19 Jan 2013


Being literate in English as a second language needs practice culturally and socially. Every body practices indifferent culture and societies. In order to gain the significant findings, we need to conduct the thorough study. Thisarticle is based on a study which addresses the following questions: (1) What are the literacy practices experienced byAn Indonesian student in English speaking country? and (2) How are the literary practices experienced by an Indonesianstudent in English speaking country? Theories discussed are about literacy as cultural and social practices. The findingsof the research are: (1) The literacy as cultural and social aspects of an Indonesian student in English speaking countryare the literacy practices in family during childhood, the family’s perception about learning English, the influence ofteachers, finding enjoyment in reading and immersion in learning The Subject experienced literacy as cultural and socialpractices in different ways for each theme. The ways are : being introduced to books to before school age, being asked tounderstand the book by her father, the involvement of his father during the process by providing the English storiesWhat the Subject did for literacy as cultural and social practices are the answer of the second question of this study.

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