Jurnal Nuances
Vol 1, No 01 (2009)

The Application Of Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) In Improving Reading Expository Texts

Prawati, Atni

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19 Jan 2013


Reading is one of the language skills taught in teaching English at Senior High School.According to KTSP Curriculum (2006), the materials given were based on text types known as“genre”. Based on direct observation, it was found that many students had serious problems incomprehending each text-type, especially expository texts. This classroom action research aimedto improve Reading Comprehension ability using expository texts through the use ofCollaborative Strategic Reading (CSR). The subjects of this research were one class of 36 secondyear students of SMAN 2 Bangkinang - Kampar Regency, Riau Province. The research wasconducted in two cycles where each had 4 meetings with one and a half months for each cycle.The data of this research were the students’ reading comprehension ability. Before theCollaborative Strategic Reading was applied, a pre-test was conducted while a post-test wasadministered after the treatment. The data were analyzed by comparing the result of pre-test andthe result of post test and the minimum criteria of successful action (KKM). The result indicatesthat the post-test (71,05) was higher than the pre-test (48,33) and the minimum criteria ofsuccessful action (60). Then , to know the significance level, the t-table was used. It was foundthat the t-observed (3.13) was greater than the t-table, namely 2.00 at the level of significance0,05. Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of CSR is effective in improving thestudents’ reading comprehension ability.

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