Jurnal Lahan Suboptimal
Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

Karakteristik dan Kemelimpahan Nepenthes di Habitat Miskin Unsur Hara

Mardhiana, Mardhiana (Unknown)
Parto, Yakup (Unknown)
Hayati, Renih (Unknown)
Priadi, Dwi Putro (Unknown)

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01 Apr 2012


Mardhiana et al., 2012. The Characteristics and Abundance of Nepenthes of Nutrient-poor Habitats. JLSO 1(1):50-56.This research aimed at assesing the characteristics and abundanceof Nepenthespopulation in nutrient-poor habitats. This study was conducted at two locations, Talang Kelapa village, Banyuasin Km 10, and Pasir Putih village, Sukajadi, Banyuasin Km 18. Observations were made on  the soil chemical and physical properties, morphology  and population abundance  of Nepenthes. The result showed  that N. mirabilis was the only species found in  Talang Kelapa and Pasir Putih.  Nepenthes upwere able to grow well in very poor soil nutrients. Natural habitat in Pasir Putih with sandy soil  and water log condition gave better effect on the morphology and abundance in than in Talang Kelapa with  clay soil and dry.  The ratio of  Nepenthes abundance in Pasir Putih to that in Talang Kelapa was 3:2. 

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