Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association
Vol. 57 No. 11 November 2007

Evaluation of Integrin avβ3 Endometrial Tissue in Infertile Women by Immunohistochemistry Technique

Nurhuda, Nurhuda ( Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia )

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30 Nov 2007


Successful implantation and placentation are important factors needed for pregnancy. Therefore, an optimal endometrial condition is needed for success implantation process. Recently, several morphologic and biologic marker can be used as marker of the implantation window. One of these which is highly expressed at lutheal phase of endometrium, namely, intregrin avβ3. Integrin avβ3 is a protein adhesion molecule which play an important role in communication between trophoblast cell and endometrial epithelium cell during implantation process. Expression of integrin avβ3 may be used as a determination factor for endometrial receptiveness, thus it was important to evaluate integrin level in infertile women. The aim of this study is to evaluate the expression of integrin avβ3 in endometrium of lutheal phase of infertile women. Research subjects were infertile women who came to Yasmin Clinic RSCM-FKUI. Forty-five infertile women, 20-41 years-old, underwent biopsy of endometrium at lutheal phase. The endometrial tissues were processed and immuno-stained at Makmal Integrated Laboratory Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia. The staining results were assessed based on H-score system. Five endometrium tissue sample (11.11%) expressed very strong intensity, 4 sample (8.88%) showed strong staining intensity, 29 sample (64.40%) revealed a medium staining intensity and 7 sample (15.55%) revealed low-staining intensity. The expression of integrin avβ3 in endometrial tissue of infertile women revealed a medium staining intensity (64.40%).Keywords: Integrin avβ3, Endometrial tissue, women infertile, immunohistochemistry technique

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