Journal of the Indonesian Medical Association
Vol. 58 No. 2 February 2008

Treatment of Hypertension in Patient with Nephrotic Syndrome

Darnindro, Nikko ( Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia )
Muthalib, Abdul ( Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia )

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Publish Date
29 Feb 2008


Up to this moment, hypertension is an issue that hard to be dealt with. According to WHO 1996, hypertension have taken its part as contributing factor on morbidity and mortality mainly in modern countries. The prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia is about 6 to 15%, and the estimated number of 1 billion people across the globe are having this problem, also there are 7,1 millions hypertension related death. One of the causes of hypertension is kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease can cause hypertension and also hypertension can cause chronic kidney disorder. Nephrotic Syndrome is the common chronic kidney disease. Management of hypertension in patients with nephrotic syndrome has to consider long term effect of medication, renal condition, and other comorbid condition.Keywords: Hypertension, Chronic Kidney Disease, Nephrotic Syndrome, Treatment of choices.

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